Social responsibility

Novikontas Connect is the first crewing agency in Latvia, which working by the scheme called “posting” which give significant advantages both to seafarer and ship owner. The main difference between posting and crewing scheme is that using “posting” scheme in European Union we will be the employer. Moreover, we will pay all taxes that must be paid according to Latvian legislation (that is cost-effective for seafarer).

“A-1” form

Upon to request, we can provide “A-1” form to ship owners which vessels sails under EU flag as the evidence of seafarer legal employment by Novikontas Connect. Relations with EU companies provided according to EU Regulation No.1408/71 and according to EU Regulation No. 883/2004.
All employment contracts with seafarers are made in accordance with “Maritime Labour Convention’2006” and are approved by Latvian Maritime Administration.